CAME FROG-J Swing Gate Motor (FROGJ)

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CAME FROG-J Swing Gate Motor

Up to 1.8 m per gate leaf

Frog-J, the just 85mm thick operator requiring no prior fitting. The 24V motor works even in emergency mode and the new electronics constantly controls for a totally safe thrust. Ideal for swing gates of up to 1.8 m per gate leaf.


- Underground invisible installation

- Comfortable, safe, waterproof, and protected by its water sealed door

- 85mm Embedding Height

- Requiring little, if any masonry work

- The 24V DC motor is perfect for intensive use conditions with continued operation during power outages with the back-up battery option.

- Installers need not remove gate leaves or perform masonry work

- ENCODER-based electronic control for movement Control & Obstacle Detection

- Self-locking with key

- Soft start/stop

Technical Specifications:

Protection rating IP67
Power supply 230V 50/60 Hz
Motor Power supply 24V DC
Current Draw 10A
Max power 240W
Duty Cycle Intensive use
Traction Force 260N
Opening Time at 90° 13s
Operating temperature (°C) -20/+55
Max gate-leaf width 1.8m
Max-gate leaf weight 250kg