Nice MoonTouchBus

Nice MoonTouchBus 12-key digital selector with Nice BlueBUS connection technology
Exclusive functions:
-  2 keys to activate two different commands selected from 6 available (for example step-step, close, open), depending on which control unit is connected
- 255 combinations for storage on BM1000 memory
- 2 programming modes: easy or professional
- up to 4 MOTB control devices connectable via BlueBUS, also in combined configurations
- possibility of programming the number of times a specific combination can be used
- possibility of enabling an automation block/unblock function
- Simple installation: easy and rapid connection with just 2 wires, no polarity, to complete the Nice BlueBUS systems.
- Safe: the combination is a number consisting in 1 to 9 figures, resulting in 99,999,999 possible combinations!
- Two different visual indicators according to automation status: – red: automation closed or in closing phase; – green: during opening or when the “automation block” function is active – See more at: