LIFE Acer AC12/AC12R Slide Gate Motor Kit

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All LIFE motors all work off the smart board specially designed to create a simple and elegant installation process. The smart board is specifically engineered to simplify the programming procedure to just one button!

Automation for sliding gates

From a new protagonist in the field of automation comes a new range of motors for sliding gates: LIFE introduces Acer. In the 240V and 24V versions up to 400, 600 and 1200 kg, this range of electro-mechanical actuators offers a wide possibility of choices together with an attentive design in every detail, in order to deliver the most advanced levels of quality, aesthetics and functionality available today.

Long lasting ideas and materials

Acer is an innovative concept "coated" with materials and solutions to guarantee the best possible performance, also in terms of duration and safety. The structure is in high-density pressure-die cast aluminium, the best in lightweight and in-alter ability, even in severe weather conditions.

Simply the best

All gate functions can be programmed as one pleases and with maximum simplicity, according to the needs of the user and to the various ways of employ.

Tranquility comes first

In addition to innovation, safety is one of the essential concepts of the LIFE philosophy, the reason why all models are fitted with an encoder. Its function is to control the position and speed of the gate at all times and signal the presence of any obstacle to the electronic control unit.

LIFE Acer AC12/AC12R

Max weight wing kg 1200
Motor supply (V) 230V a.c.
Power (W) 350
Thrust (N) 1200
Lubrication Kind Oil
Thermal cut-out 140
Working Temperature (Min/Max) -20 + 70
Protection level (IP) 54
Speed (m/min) 8
Intermittence work cycle (%) 35
Height pinion (mm) 95

Kit Includes

1 x AC12R operator
4m Rack
2 x Remotes
1 x Mounting Plate
1 x User Manual


Optional Accessories


- Keypads (Wired Wireless)