BG2 Dual Swing Gate Opener

Standard Features:
–  GATE ACTIVATION: Remote Control, Intercom, Key Switch
–  SAFETY FEATURES: Anti-crushing, Infrared Beam (Optional)
–  AUTOMATIC CLOSING: Adjustable from 5 secs to 75 secs
–  PEDESTRIAN OPENING: Opens both gates partially and closes automatically after 6 secs (Optional)
–  EXTERNAL LIGHT OUTPUT: Facility for switching lighting on for 4 min after operation (Optional)
–  TOWNHOUSE PROGRAMME: Extra safety feature for townhouse developments
–  BATTERY BACKUP: Operates gate during a power failure
–  MANUAL RELEASE: Disengage arms from gates in the event of an emergency
–  PARTY MODE: Temporarily overrides auto-close feature (Optional)
–  MOUNTING: Can be bracket or pedestal mounted (Extra)

Technical Data:
–  Motor Voltage: 12v DC
–  Output Torque: 120Nm
–  Peak Motor Power: 120 watts
–  Backup Mode: 50 operations
–  Opening Time: 12 to 15 sec (depending on the opening angle)
–  Maximum Gate Size: 2.4m/200kg per leaf
–  Physical Size: Each machine 310 (L) x 210 (W) x 180 (H)

Summary: 12v DC, up to 2.4m/200kg per leaf, battery back-up standard, pedestrian access (optional), 12-15 seconds opening time, 1 year warranty, 2 remotes, can be bracket or pedestal mounted (extra).