SAMT warrants its goods against faulty workmanship and material for a period of 12 calendar months from date of dispatch for all products unless stated otherwise on the quote or Invoice at time of order. SAMT, at its own discretion, will repair or replace the faulty goods provided that:

1. The goods were installed and operated With A certified person; Certified electrician

2. Goods subject to possible warranty claim must be returned at the purchaser’s expense to the company’s manufacturing plant. Return packaging and freight costs shall be prepaid by the purchaser.

SAMT shall be relieved of all obligations under this warranty if

1. The goods have been operated outside its intended or quoted guidelines

2. Incorrect fitting of ancillary components working with our product i.e. operating with any components not suitable or outside technical parameters

3. Incorrect maintenance procedures as outlined by the company

4. The goods have been repaired, altered or modified without the company’s written approval

5. The goods are operated with any accessory equipment or parts not approved in writing by the company

SAMT’s warranty only covers goods manufactured by the company. Outside purchases e.g. all accessory parts are covered by the supplier’s warranty and are subject to the supplier’s evaluations of warranty claim. In no way can the company be held responsible for decisions made on warranty claims by these suppliers.

In no way will SAMT accept repair charges for unauthorised work carried out without prior written approval from the company.

SAMT shall under no circumstances be liable for any form of incidental or consequential damages connected with or arising out of supply, performance or use of any goods or any part thereof. The company’s total liability shall in all circumstances be limited at the option of the company to either replace the defective goods or part thereof or repair the defective goods or part thereof.

Any technical advice is provided by the company in good faith but does not make any warranty expressed or implied. In relation to such technical advice which is used or relied upon by the purchaser shall be at its sole risk.