Operator shell
Aluminium alloy case, solid and light, surface coating, durable and won’t oxidize. Gear box could produce in 3 or 4 legs that both produce chain type or gear type door operator.

Use imported alloy steel that had been ensure winding strength. Main axle and gear are made of hexagonal key to ensure that the key won’t break. Use car engine glue to prevent oil leakage.

Capacitor revolving motor is equipped with precision thermo control, cut off power automatically when the temperature is too high, restore power automatically when the temperature drops.

Brake structure
Special brake structure; stop instantly when the power is turned off. When power is cut, could use self-downward bar, centrifugal force assist brake, shutter door close slowly.

Unique paten of secondary brake system
Use 2 sets of butterfly brake to ensure brake and long life. No need to use manual zip cover, brake ensures that the chain won’t deform, won’t jump, and wont bounce.

Manual chain direction adjustment
This product uses double brake structure and loosening chain disc cover screw, so that the door piece won’t fall off. Turn the chain disc cover easily and adjust chain direction toward the ground, then lock the chain disc cover securely.

Emergency manual device
When power is out, pull the self-downward bar, the door will descend slowly according to its dead weight.

Special designed limit bolt
The controller of this machine, gear is conceal, won’t cause gear deformation or damage due to external force. Limit bolt, the cam wheel are fixed to ensure safety. Limit bolt slide blocks are made of special alloy, won’t break.

Special circuit design
Used A.V. terminal wiring, easy to install. Turn off the power; capacitor won’t hold charge, absolutely safe.

Controller installation
No need to connect wire while installing the remote control, saves time, and ensure no error.

Summary: 1 HP Motor, Single phase unit, chain drive, lifts up to 32m² door, 60% duty cycle (10 cycles/hour), used for Industrial Roller Doors.