Control boards

LIFE solves in a unique way the many requirements of domestic automation: Gebox and DIGITAL LIFE TECHNOLOGY represent a range of specific solutions for the management of automatic gates, with 230 or 24V SUPPLY, that can be either installed separately of directly integrated to the motor. These versatile “brains” allow a complete adjustment of all the opening/closing functions; more, they also take care of the uson safety, interacting with the encoder, supplied with all LIFE motors. All this with the maximum easiness, a fascinating design and an outstanding hardware.

Functionality made to measure

With Gebox, programming the motor functions is extremely simple. In order to make things easy for the operator, the LIFE Gebox Control Board allows you to adjust the functioning parameters through a practical and ergonomic keyboard, integrated by a range of warning lights that indicate the programming state. For example, one can determine an interval between opening and closing, or modulate the electromechanical power, sensitivity of safety devices, automatic, semiautomatic or manual functioning, partial pedestrian opening… and much more. For installations that don’t require any particular function, LIFE has thought the two pre-set user modes that make it all, even simpler: once installed, Gebox is immediately ready for use.

Quality at first sight

Rain, frost, direct sunlight… Gebox fears nothing, because it’s been developed to LIFE’s research for quality. Manufactured with resistant plastic materials, the shell is waterproof and guarantees a perfectly operative working cycle even in the presence of extreme weather conditions, from -20°C up to +70°C. Strong under any circumstance, Gebox is also aesthetically appealing, because LIFE is always updated with the latest trends, not only in technology, but also when it comes to appearance.

Perfect and quick installation

LIFE solves the installer’s requirements starting from the project easy phases: the box is already equipped with transformer and batteries, accordingly to the chosen power supply. Five predisposed drills for cable passage have already been configured in the lower part of the box. Moreover, the shell is equipped with specific rotating plastic fillers in order to hide and protect the fixing screws. As well as all LIFE products, GEBOX is equipped with complete and simple assembling instructions: LIFE knows how to improve your life