Diamond Power Drive

The Controll-A-Door Diamond Power Drive automatic opener is leading the way in smooth, quiet operation. It uses all of the Diamond opener technology and with extra power it ensures that lifting heavy doors is effort free. Featuring a variety of programmable operation modes, you can easily adjust the operation to suit your individual needs.

Transmitter capacity
Everyone in the home can use your opener.  You can program up to 14 transmitters, wall buttons or entry keypads at the touch of a button

Reduced energy consumption
Decreased energy use when in standby mode to provide savings through lower electricity bills

LED lighting
Never again will you have to replace a light bulb on your opener, as LED lighting has a life span of 30,000 hours.  Automatically switches on and off as you open or close your door…. the light is pre-set to 2.5 minutes and can be adjusted to ensure that you are never kept in the dark again

Soft Start/Soft Stop
Openers are programmed to open a garage door slowly… then speed up… and slowly come to a stop.  Smoothly. Quietly

Greater Power
Opener features extra power for increased ease of opening, especially on double doors.  Height capabilities vary depending on drum size.  Ask your B&D dealer for more information

Quiet DC Motor
Gives smooth, quiet and reliable operation