A new brand in home automation, a new name among underground motors for swing gates: LIFE introduces Ergo. This product range, as complete as it is innovative, offers an extensive choice of solutions: from the 230V version, with slow or fast movement, to the 24v version. Moreover, it guarantees all the quality of a state of the art design, all the duration and solid quality of the best materials, all the safety and functional quality of an evolved electronic system. Those who choose LIFE open the door to the future of automation.

Quality lies underneath

Ergo means more quality and attention given to detail, all combined in a system bound to last through time. The structure is a high density aluminium die-cast, which guarantees a superior lightness and inalterability. The gear motor’s case is made of a die-cast and varnished with epoxy powders. The regularly shaped foundation box is made in galvanized steel with a copper ingredient to help it preserve through time. The thick bottom part has some drainage holes with plastic caps to avoid debris infiltration during installation. The actuator rests on two supports at a height of 20mm, to avoid piling up of dirt and allowing an easier maintenance.

A perfect machine

The release mechanism is perfectly protected from water and soil infiltrations. Plus, even though its use is foreseen as rare, the release mechanism has been designed to be carried out with maximum ease, simplicity and safety. As per other LIFE models, Major is equipped with an integrated system composed by an optical “encoder”, which detects any obstacle along the gate’s way, even sudden ones, and an electronic control unit which activates any required safety measure in real time. Specific “limit switch” devices can also be added to the encoder, in order to have a quick response under any circumstance. Opening of the swing from 90° to 110° is controlled by a system with an easily adjustable hexagonal screw; the same convenience is also adapted during the closing phase.

Cleverly predisposed

LIFE simplifies the everyday work of the “workers involved”: the Ergo model, in fact, is provided with clear assembly instructions that are complete and intuitive, following and assisting installation step by step. In addition, you have a quality capable to satisfy even the most demanding user, plus, a range of made to measure services. Enter the new world of home integration; it has never been so easy