Transmitters LIFE ROLLING CODE 868.35 MHz

Pre-assembled sensitive edge

EVER: new classified codes

The LIFE range of transmitters offers a new type of coding, inaccessible to strangers. The LIFE Rolling Code changes at every use, following a pre-defined sequence and a sophisticated algorithm that inhibits duplication or copying. The protective shell is made of very resistant plastic, and guarantees a perfect functioning under any weather condition. The 12V batteries assure long-life, and the reach satisfies any using requirement.

BSM: quicker installation, easier maintenance

LIFE has considered everything in order to better the life of its end users, but at the same time making the job simpler for technicians and installers. The sensitive edge is composed by a 30 mm rubber profile with an elastic anti-impact end-of-run cushion and by an aluminium profile fixed to the column or the gate that supports the rubber extrusion. The device functioning is guaranteed by two micro-switches, one operating on the rubber bending and the lower support, the second one operates as a safety device in the case the steel cable should lose tension. And with LIFE’s quality, design and customized services. It is even easier to enter into a real new world of benefit.