Merlin C945 (Bear claw)


Transmitter: AM Transmission
Transmitter Frequency: 433.MHz
Rolling code
New code every use – over 100 billion code to choose from
Power supply: 10A20 (3) battery
Batteries and Instructions Included

Suits Models:

MR60, MR600, MR600A, MR650, MR800, MR800A, MR850 & MR1000
MT5580, MT5580P, MT60, MT60P, MT600, MT800, MT1000, MT230 & MT3850
MJ3800 & MJ3800R
MGL300 & MGL400
MGS500, MGS500T, MGS1000 & MGS1000T
ML500, ML700 & ML500
MLR750 & MLR850
HE60 & HE60R