Merlin M832/M834

Frequency: 433.92MHz

Size: 110mm Length x 60mm Width x 18mm Height

Battery: 4LR44 – 6 Volts

All Merlin 433RF series uses high security code hopping radio technology to prevent unauthorised operation. This randomly selects a unique code from nearly 4.3 billion possible codes each time it is used

Typical operating range 20m – 60m, dependant on environment. Open field range with properly tuned and positioned antenna can exceed 100m

The Merlin 433RF series is a range of radio transmitters and receivers introduced in July 2001. The series offers innovative, award winning design combined with high security and excellent operating performance

Compatible with current 230T & 430R products that use green button remote controls post July 2001

Incompatible with old blue button Merlin motors

The M832 with the green button is different from the M802 with the blue button. They are incompatible with each other.