MoonBus MOFB Gate Photocells

Fixed synchronised photocells with BlueBUS technology.

The MOFB Photocells are obstacle detectors which make it possible to detect obstacles on the optical axis between a transmitter (TX) and a receiver (RX), type D according to Standard EN12453.
They can be used in automations for gates and doors.

These devices are equipped with a Nice BlueBUS communication system which makes it easy to connect all the devices up to the control units using two wires only. They are all quite simply connected up in parallel, and the addressed jumpers selected according to the function required.


Power supply/output

Adjustability of the Photocell

Estimated Range (m)

Protection Rating (IP)

Working Temp. (oC)

Dimensions (mm)

Weight (g)

MOFB The device can only be connected to “BlueBUS” networks, from which it receives its power supply and sends output signals

Up to 15m for a maximum TX-RX misalignment of +/-5?(the device can detect and signal an obstacle even in particularly bad weather conditions)


Min: -20


69 x 25 x 78


MOFOB Approx. 30o along the horizontal and vertical axes

69 x 37 x 78