ATA DCB-05 Gate Control System TrioCode Receiver

ATA DCB-05 Gate Control System TrioCode Receiver

The ATA DCB-05 Gate Control System is designed to be paired with the ATA SGO-1v3 Elite®

Suitable for both single and dual leaf gate SGO-1 Elite installations

Offers a variety of controlling inputs to interface with varying items, such as intercoms, and loop detectors

Brings smart features, intelligence and security to your gate system including:

  • Intelligent Safety System (ISS) – self-adjusting when opening and closing or if blocked i.e. should the gate hit an obstacle during its cycle, it will automatically reverse or stop preventing damages or injuries.
  • Gate Pro?ling – continually re-pro?les the force needed to steadily and safely move the gate through segments of open and close cycles. This increases safety as using only appropriate force permits quicker sensing of, and reaction to, obstructions in the gate’s path
  • Soft Start/Soft Stop – Speed ramping throughout each cycle reduces stress on the opener, gate and mounting hardware.

The DCB-05™ Control System also provides a host of operating modes and variations in performance to suit your needs including auto-close, service reminder, pedestrian mode, vacation mode and more.