ATA GDO-9v2 ENDURO GEN2 Sectional Overhead Garage Door Opener

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With a powerful 1000N DC motor it provides ultimate performance with super quiet operation, making it the ultimate residential sectional door opener. Chain or belt driven option available


– QUIET & POWERFUL DC MOTOR: The three speed 1000N DC motor is custom designed to work with the most demanding of residential custom and tilt door applications. The precision gearing provides huge door shifting torque with peak noise level of only 68dB. The optional belt drive ensures your opener operates without the clatter that chain driven units have

– TrioCode™ Multi-Frequency Coding Technology: A world leading transmitter system, TriCode™ frequency coding technology overcomes the all too common interference issues while maintaining security through over 4.29 billion random code possibilities

– Intelligent Safety System (ISS): self-adjusting when opening and closing or if blocked i.e. should the gate hit an obstacle during its cycle, it will automatically reverse or stop preventing damages or injuries.

– Soft Start/Soft Stop: Speed ramping throughout each cycle reduces stress on the opener, gate and mounting hardware.

– Door Profiling for Increased Safety: The force needed to safely move the door throughout each cycle is continually re-profiled. By only using the appropriate amount of force, the Enduro™ can more quickly sense, and react to, obstructions in the door’s path.

– Multiple Operating Modes & Settings: The Enduro™ features readily adjustable Pet & Pedestrian, Vacation, and Auto-Close (with PE Beams fitted) modes for tailoring operation to the owner’s changing needs

– ALPS (Automatic Limits Positioning System): ALPS simplify limits setup through electro-optical sensing, and maintain them to the millimetre even as the door ages.