ATA PE-2 Safety Beams Photocells

ATA PE-2 Safety Beams Photocells


The PE-2 Infrared Photoelectric Beam is an outdoor detection
device that can be used to open or prevent closure of a door/
gate or just indicate that the beam has been broken by using a
light or buzzer.
When used with an AUTO CLOSE feature on ATA control
boards and operators, PE-2 will prevent a door/gate from
closing when a vehicle is obstructing the door/gate way. This
provides your access system with added safety and security.


• Wide range 30m• Even in poor optical conditions, the PE-2 can still be used
(range reduced to under 10m)
• Dual input voltage
• Low power consumption
• High rated relay contacts
• Removable terminal block for easy wiring
• Simple installation, using slide off mounts
• Easy beam alignment and testing procedures
• Weather proof casing made from high tech ploymer
• Cable glands supplied with each beam

Available as an upgrade for:
GDO-6 EasyRoller® Gen2
GDO-9 Enduro™ Gen2
GDO-9 Dynamo™ Gen2
GDO-10v2/v2L2/v3 Toro®
DCB-05™ Gate Control System
Axess® Pro Series 3000 with Logics