B&D Firmamatic Garage Roller Door Opener


B&D Firmamatic Garage Door Opener

The Firmamatic rolling door opener is enabled with superior technology, great features and quiet, smooth operation. It offers both excellent functionality and style


-Soft Start / Soft Stop: Firmamatic openers are programmed to open a garage door slowly… then speed up…. and slowly come to a stop. Smoothly. Quietly

-Courtesy light: The courtesy light switches on and off as you open or close your door

-2 Channel remote control transmitters: Comes standard with the Firmamatic opener.  A small, compact water resistant transmitter that can easily fit into your pocket or on your keys

– Reduced energy consumption: Features decreased energy use when in standby mode to provide savings through lower electricity bills

Technical Specifications:

-Mains supply: 230V-230V AC 50Hz

-Standby power: 2.2Watts

-Rated input power: 240Watts

-Motor type: 24V DC Permanent Magnet

-Maximum door size: 16.5m2 (5500mm width x 300mm height)

-Short term peak force: 550N (55kg)

-Rated Lifting force: 450N (45kg)

-Recommended force for manual operation: 150N (15kg)

-Rated operating time: 4 minutes

-Opener’s max limit travel: 3.0 turns of door drum wheel

-Transmitter / Receiver type: Tri-Tran™

-Coding type: Code hopping

-Number of code combinations: Over 4.29 billion random codes

-Transmitter battery: CR2032 (3 Volts)