CAME AMICO Swing Gate Motor (A1824)

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AMICO Swing Gate Motor A1824

External operator for swing gates of up to 1.8m per gate leaf.

Amico is the revolutionary system for residential and apartment block swing gates. Amico is a safe, innovative operator which has its force controlled by an encoder. It is the choice where system safety is the main feature for choosing the system.


– Self-locking operator with encoder. Encoder Movement Control – Through the ENCODER, the dedicated panel constantly controls the gate leaves’ movement allowing for safe thrust

Simplified installation – through one, three-polar cable which handles the power supply and the slow-downs.

– Eye-catching design – the aluminium supporting structure makes Amico extremely robust. Careful design and attention to detail, besides bestowing its exclusive look, also protect it from harsh conditions.

– No more blackouts – BX-243’s 24V electronics automatically detect any lack of power and activates the emergency model which works on (Accessory) batteries built-into the assembly

– Signal LED – built into the control board to provide easy diagnosis of the systems functions

– End-point control – trhough the encoder to easily manage movement and soft start/stop.

– Pedestrian Mode and Obstacle detection

Technical Specifications:

Type A1824 (AMICO)
Protection Rating IP44
Max leaf length 1.8m
Max leaf weight 250kg
Power supply 230V 50/60Hz
Motor power supply 24V
Current Draw 4A
Power 100W
90° opening time Adjustable
Duty cycle Intensive
Thrust 400-2000N
Operating temp. -20°C min / 55°C max