CAME Bx-243 Slide Gate Motor

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Up to 300 Kg and 8.5m long

Complete automation system with 24V DC motor for sliding gates weighing up to 300kg with built-in radio decoding and emergency-battery control card. Its modern design and 24 V motor make it a complete system for sliding residential gates. This product gives reliability and durability. The ideal solution for residential installations


– Up to gates of weight 300 Kg and 8.5m long

– 24V motor

– Encoder Movement Control: Through the ENCODER, the dedicated panel constantly controls the gate leaves’ movement allowing for safe thrust.

– No more blackouts: BX-243’s 24V electronics automatically detect any lack of power and activates the emergency model which works on (Accessory) batteries built-into the assembly

– Easy release: quick and simple manual release thanks to the practical fitted release lever which is protected by a locked door.

– Opening & Closing Slowdown

– Signal LED: built into the control board to provide easy diagnosis of the systems functions

– Simplified installation: thanks to its connection to a tripolar cable and the horizontally positioned card.

– Built-in end points: protected within the gearmotor assembly


Type Bx-243
Protection rating Ip54
Power supply 230V 50/60Hz
Motor power supply 24v D.C
Current draw 7A max
Max power 170W
Opening time 90° 12m/min
Duty Cycle Intensive use/Residential
Traction force 300N
Operating temperature -20°C min / 55°C max