CAME BY-3500T Industrial Slide Gate

CAME BY-3500T Kit

Up to 3500 Kg.

Power and reliability, the features that make this model ideal for large-sized industrial sliding gates.

The new generation electronics allows you to program the command to partially open the gate, control the proper running of the safety devices and automatically block the commands when any obstacles are detected.

Huge drawing force – three phase voltage power supply to the unit ensures intensive service even under the harshest of working conditions such as armoured gates or hangar doors.

Total auto control – the electronics check the proper functioning of all the system’s safety devices

Easy and safer operation even at night and in dimly lit areas

Technical Specifications:

Model BY3500T
Max gate leaf weight 3500 kg
Protection rating IP54
Power supply 230V/400V Three-phase 50/60 Hz
Motor power supply 230V/400V three-phase 50/60 Hz
Current draw 2A
Max power 750W
Speed 10.5 m/min
Duty Cycle 50%
Traction Force 3500N
Operating Temperature -20°C min / 55°C max