CAME DELTA-E Safety Beams (20m Range)

CAME DELTA-E Safety Beams (20m Range)

The new Delta series photocells are the ideal solution for all home automation safety installations. They come in either flush or surface-mounted versions and are engineered for maximum operational reliability in any weather conditions.

Used To Prevent Automatic Gates & Barriers Accidentally opening or closing on vehicles

Pair of 24v D.C. surface-mounted safety photocells with infra-red beam photocells with range of up to 20 m – guaranteed to work in any weather conditions.
Compatible with the DIR series.
DELTA E = Features body and circuitry housed within a container that is fully external to the anchoring post.
Overall dimensions 70 x 70 x 36 mm

Technical Data:

Infrared wavelength: 880 nm
Range: 20 m
Power supply: 12/24V AC/DC
Relay contact rating: 500 mA max a 24V
Power draw: 70 mA – 24V AC
Protection rating: IP54
Insulation class: III
Working temperatures: -20° ÷ 55°
Material: nylon caricato vetro