CAME ML380 Magnetic Lock FEM4700FS

CAME ML380 Magnetic Lock FEM4700FS

The Electro Magnetic Gate Lock has a holding force of up to 380kg.


  • Dual voltage 12vdc @ 400mA,24vdc @ 200mA.
  • Monitored, lock status sensor.
  • Unique dual mounting design.
  • Built-in MOV surge protection.
  • Stainless 304 steel body housing.
  • Guaranteed no residual magnetism.

Technical Data

Type ML380
Strength Up to 380kg
Voltage/Current Dual Voltage 12/24VDC, 12VDC=400mA 24VDC=200mA
Monitoring LSS
Magnet size 220(l)x47(w)x30.5(h)
Armature plate size 185(l) x 42(w) x 12(h)
Protection rating IP67