CAME MYTO Swing Gate Motor (MYTO-ME)

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Came MYTO Swing Gate Motor (MYTO-ME)

Up to 1.8m per gate leaf

The non-invasive  “out-of-sight” and adaptable swing gate operator. Above or below ground installation.

Myto, the new and easy belowground solution. Flexible, fast, and ready to automate swing gates with single-leaf of up to 1.8 m in width. It is ideal for pre-existing closing systems as it simplifies the installers’ job and requires no set up work.


– Easy to install, even on pre-existing gates

– All it takes is 10 cm of foundation space to position this revolutionary, new gearmotor, with its safe, reliable and sturdy mechanics.

– The 24V DC motor is perfect for intensive use conditions with continued operation during power ouotages.

– Installers need not remove gate leaves or perform masonry work

– ENCODER-based electronic control for movement Control & Obstacle Detection

– Self-locking with key

– Built-In Limit Positions

– LCD Programming Display

– Soft start/stop

Technical Specifications:

Protection rating IP67
Power supply 230V AC
Motor Power supply 24V DC
Current Draw 10A Max
Max power 240W
Duty Cycle Intensive use
Max torque 260 Nm
Opening Time Adjustable
Operating temperature (°C) -20/+55
Max gate-leaf width 1.8m
Max-gate leaf weight 200kg
Max gate leaf opening 125°