CAME STYLO Swing Gate Motor (STYLO-ME)

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CAME STYLO Swing Gate Motor (STYLO-ME)

Up to 1.8 m per gate leaf. Small in size but great in performance.

Narrow, compact with an exclusive design, Stylo is the new solution for small and medium size swing gates. Easy to install even on pre-existing gates or without any prior preparation, and on very narrow pillars.


– Available in Articulated or Straight Arm options

– Easy to install on pre-existing or new gates, Style is ideal to automate pedestrian or driveway gates up to 1.8 m per leaf.

– No need for structural work during installation.

– Occupies minimal amount of space and is very flexible and adaptable to the majority of small and medium size gates

– Easily installed even on narrow pillars without any masonry work required.

– Displays to view function programing.

– ENCODER-based electronics – Movement control & Obstacle Detection

– Soft start/stop

– With the 24V motor there won’t be any more blackouts and is perfect for intensive use.

Technical Specifications:

Protection Rating IP IP54
Power Supply (V – 50/60 Hz) 230 AC
Motor Supply (V – 50/60 Hz) 24 DC
Current draw (A) 5 MAX
Power (W) 48
90° opening time (s) Adjustable
Duty cycle (%) Intensive use
Torque (Nm) 100
Operating Temperature (°C) -20 ÷ +55
Max width of gate leaf (m) 1.8
Max weight of gate leaf (kg) 100
Max opening of gate leaf(°) 120-135