CAME Wireless Keypad S9000

CAME Wireless Keypad S9000

Came’s digital switches are the operator’s local command devices that work through a personal numeric code. They are safe and easy to use, thanks to their technology which uses control logic that is external to the keypad. They are made of steel and are a guarantee of reliability and durability while at the same time allowing you to do away with the traditional keys.

Removes the need for cabling to keypads. The CAME wireless keypad mimics a remote control to send signals to the control panel.

Over 1,500,000 combinations

Will work with any CAME control board with an AF43S, AF43SM, RE432, or RBE4MT radio receiver.

Technical Data

Type S9000
Protection Rating IP54
Power supply Batt. GP3A 12V D.C.
Combinations 1,679,616
Frequency 433.92Mhz
Operating temperature -20°C min 55°C max
Material Alu Alloy / Painted Steel
Dimensions 70mm(l) x70(h) x 43(w)