Chamberlain Merlin 771ANZ PE Safety Gate & Door Beams

Chamberlain Merlin 771ANZ PE Safety Gate & Door Beams

Outdoor protector system IR beams IP44

The 771ANZ Photoelectric Beam System is designed to increase the safety and functionality of your garage door or gate motor.The system uses an invisible beam across the garage door or gate opening. If an obstruction breaks the light beam while the door/gate is closing, the door/gate will stop and reverse to full open position.

NOTE: The Outdoor Protector System IR Beams IP44 DO NOT come with brackets or wires


  • MR60, MR600, MR650, MR800 & MR850
  • MT5580, MT5580P, MT60, MT60P, MT600, MT800, MT1000, MT230 & MT3850
  • MJ3800 & MJ3800R
  • MGA600, MGL300 & MGL400
  • MGS500, MGS500T, MGS1000 & MGS1000T
  • ML500, ML700, ML500, MLR750, MLR850 & HE60

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