FAAC XT2 Remote

FAAC XT2 Remote


  • Auto-tuning: Long Range.
    thanks to the new FAAC patent, which joins the already
    well-known SLH (the FAAC Patent that allows remote
    control-to-remote control duplication), transmitters become
    Long Range, thus increasing the activation range up to 50%.
  • 2 Buttons/Channels
  • SLH: Self Learning Hopping code with transmitter-to-transmitter programming functionalities (FAAC patented)



  • RP 433 SLH (with coupling)
  • xF 433 (Frequency module for Omnidec)
  • xR2 and xR4 433 C (external Omnidec’s)
  • Plus1 433 or PL 433 + Minidec SLH or Decoder SLH