Gainsborough G+ Smart Box

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Gainsborough G+ Smart Box

More than key-less entry to your home, placing G+ Smart Boxes discreetly near key technology points in your home lets you control a range of additional features via your G+ Key.

Whatever your style of home and however you like to live in it, G+ Technology can change as your life does.

To link garage doors, gates, security lights or other access technology to your G+ Key, G+ Smart Boxes can be installed in relevant areas in your home. You can sync your G+ Key to up to ten G+ Smart Boxes.

Smart Boxes are available in 2 variations: one with a power transformer (GPSMBOXS) to connect to your mains power and one without a power transformer (GPSMBOXWS)

You can connect up to 10 different Smart Boxes to your G+ Key.

Devices that can be linked include:

  • Security systems
  • Automated Garage Doors
  • Automated Gates
  • External lighting
  • Other home devices