Genius Brain 574 Control Board (for 240V swing gates) JA574

Genius Brain 574 Control Board (for 240V swing gates) JA574

Brain 592 is a 230v control board for swing gates.

*Requires the Enclosure JA320

Technical Specifications

Power supply (Vac) 230 (+6% -10%) 50Hz
Absorbed power (W) 10
Max. motor load (W) 800
Accessories max. load (mA) 500
Electric lock max. load (VA) 15
Operating ambient temperature (°C) -20 +55
Protection fuses 2
Function logics Automatic/Semi-automatic/Safety/Semi-automatic B/Manned C/Semi-automatic “Step by step”
Opening / closing time Programmable (from 0 to 120 sec.)
Pause time 0, 10, 20, 30, 60, 120 sec.
Closing leaf delay 0, 5, 10, 20 sec.
Opening leaf delay 2 sec. (can be excluded per dip-switch)
Thrust force Adjustable per dip-switch on 8 levels for each motor
Terminal board inputs Open/Open free leaf/Stop/ Opening and closing safety devices/Power supply + earth
Terminal board outputs Flashing lamp/Motors/Accessories power supply 24Vdc/Failsafe
Quick-? t connector Genius 5PIN receivers
Selectable functions Logics and pause time/Thrust force/Opening and closing leaf delay/Reversing thrust/

Failsafe/Closing safety device logic/Pre-?ashing

Programming key Simple or Complete work times learning (independent worktimes plus slow-downs at opening and closing)