Genius Dual COMPAS24 Gate Opener

Genius Compas24 Swing Gate Opener

COMPAS 24 is ideal for applications on narrow gate piers. It is available in master and slave versions. The Compas 24C has an integrated control board and the standard Compas 24 is the slave. Built-in mechanical stops make it simple to install. Field of application: up to 2.5m with leaf locking up to 2m even without an electric lock

Features & Benefits:

  • COMPAS 24 was designed for applications on leafs in which the distance between the gate hinge and the motor securing point reaches 220 mm.
  • The rotation of the outlet pin combined with a system of anti-shearing arms enables the leaf to move.
  • Manual release with a customised key allowing the leaf to be moved by hand, in case of a power cut.
  • Available with or without integrated control board.
  • Mechanical opening and closing stops. Simple and easy to use. Security and safety for the end-user.
  • Emergency battery kit available which can be inserted into the operator to allow continued operation even in the event of a power failure.
  • The operator is supplied with a system of anti-shearing arms and it is ideal for applications on large pilasters, without the need to make niches
  • Field of application: up to 2.5m with leaf locking, up to 2m without an electric lock

Technical Specifications:

Compas 24C

Compas 24

Power supply voltage


Electric Motor voltage


Power (W)



Torque Max (Nm)


Max angular speed (degree/sec)


Max leaf length (m)


Max leaf weight (kg)


Type and frequency of use at 20°C

20°C +55°C

Operator weight (kg)



Protection Class

IP 44