LIFE ACER AC8R Slide Gate Motor

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In the 230V and 24V versions up to 400 to 1200kg, this range of electromechanical actuators offers a wide possibility of choices together with an attentive design in every detail, in order to deliver the most advanced levels of quality, aesthetics and functionality available today.

Electromechanical irreversible gear motor for slide gates up to 800kg. Versions with central command unit (RG1 R DL) and electromechanical limit switches (AC8R DL) as well as magnetic limit switches (AC8R M DL) available. Electrical clutch. 


  • QUALITY – ACER guarantees the best possible performance, also in terms of duration and safety. It is made of high-density pressure-die cast aluminium, the best in lightweight and inalterability, even in severe weather conditions. The resistant external box protects from impact and bad weather both the electronic and mechanical components. The whole motor body is finished with epoxy varnish, and the extremely solid machinery is produced with special alloys.
  • USER FRIENDLY – All gate functions can be programmed as one pleases and with maximum simplicity, according to the needs of the user and to the various ways of employ. The command panel, directly integrated into the protecting shield of the command central, is easily accessible as well as particularly intuitive in the functioning. Moreover, two default programmes are already fitted, allowing instant use, even straight after installation.
  • SAFETY – For safety, all models are fitted with an encoder. Its function is to control the position and speed of the gate at all times and signal the presence of any obstacle to the electronic control unit. The latter instantly activates the measures required to avoid any incident. If this were not enough, there are also two “limit switch” devices that grant further safety.