LIFE SPLENDOR Flashing Light

SPL: Flashing device (25W) to be connected to life electronic cards.

SPLENDOR: Installed in a Flash

With Splendor, LIFE shines a new light at the sector of “home integration”: this is not a simple flashing light, but an avant-garde device, perfectly integrated with the other elements of domestic lighting. Moreover, its manufacturing can challenge time and weather conditions, it is easy to install, it has many versatile solutions and a modern design that qualifies the home external space, adding functionality and elegance. Another LIFE luminous idea, for a lifestyle even easier and comforter. The concept of Fulgor has been created through an attentive study of luminous sources, aiming to valorise and optimize what need to be illuminated, taking care of the psychological and perceptive well-being of the surrounding ambient, with attention given to shape and choice of raw materials, in order to be constantly oriented in creating a product with an essential, not intrusive design. Beyond being supplied with clear and simple instructions, Fulgor has been designed for a quick installation under any circumstance. It’s essential and original appearance harmonizes perfectly with the house external and with the other LIFE products. For any other requirement, a full range of customized services is already available for you.