LIFE VISIO Photocells

LIFE VISIO Photocells

Those looking to the future of “home integration” choose LIFE: a new leader in quality and technology, with a range of solutions introducing avant-garde concepts and benefits. The presence detection system, formed by the relay synchronized Visio photocells, by the photocells with Digital Life Technology and by all the supporting accessories represent a new reference point in the business sector: due to its efficacy, flexibility, safety and easiness to use. With LIFE has started a new era of automation under every point of view.

LIFE’s quality starts already during the designing phase, and lasts throughout time. The photocells structure is in ABS, while the electronic part bears a double covering to prevent water and humidity leaks.


Max Distance: 20m (apart)

Power Supply: 12/24V AC

Operating temp: -20 to 55?C

Dimensions: 64 x 78 x 26mm