Lockable Latch & Adjustable Tension Hinge Value Pack SAFETECH


Magnetic Top-Pull Lockable latch + Adjustable tension hinge with legs

This is an ideal choice for your pool gate; complying with pool safety standards, the child-proof design will keep your family safe. The magnetic top-pull latch is keyed and easy to install with precise vertical and horizontal adjustments. The gate hinge offers vertical adjustments with eight tension levels.

Features for Latch:

  • Magnetic Self-latching system
  • Key provided
  • Made from stainless steel and fiber-reinforced polymers
  • Non-Rusting and E-coated for extra protection
  • Slick and aesthetic design
  • Cycle tested
  • Child proof design
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustments

Features for Hinge:

  • Tension Adjustment system
  • UV-Stabilised
  • Non Rusting
  • Allen Key adjustment
  • Holding Weight: 70Kg
  • Closing Weight: 45Kg
  • Cycle tested

1 x Magnetic Top-Pull Lockable latch 
1 x Adjustable tension hinge with legs