Merlin MR850EVO SilentDrive Garage Roller Door Opener

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Merlin MR850EVO SilentDrive Garage Roller Door Opener

Premium quality automatic opener that is quiet, secure and contains the latest energy saving design. Perfect for all residential roller doors large single or double roller doors.


– New Security+2.0: remote transmitters operate reliably under all environment conditions and from a greater distance than ever before.

– Works even when the power is out: With an Evercharge battery backup system(optional) you can operate your door – even when there has been a power failure

– Super-fast operation: minimises any waiting time. Combined with soft start and stop function, a powerful DC motor

– Automatic Close: Forgot to close the door? Don’t worry the timer to close option automatically closes the door. You can set a pre-determined time between 1 and 10 minutes.

– Quiet and Powerful Motor: DC motor is quiet and built to last. It has the strength to open any large door with ease

– Safety Reversing System: If the garage door is obstructed while closing, it automatically stops and reverses, if obstructed while opening, it automatically stops.

5 Year Warranty

– Ventilation Mode: Your door can be stopped at any height to allow for ventilation by simply pressing the remote at any point in the travel to stop the door.

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage 240V AC, 50Hz
Motor Voltage 12V DC with overload protection
Standby Power <1W nominal
Max Peak Pulling Force 550N
Rated Door Area 18.0m^2
Max door Weight 130kg spring balanced
Travel speed 13 seconds
Noise 59dB at 1m
Temperature range -30 to 50?C