Merlin PowerAce™ MT60EVO Sectional Garage Door Opener

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Merlin PowerAce™ MT60EVO Sectional Garage Door Opener
Fast and quiet, this energy efficient opener has the latest security and multi-frequency remote technology making it the perfect solution for your sectional garage doors!


– Works every time thanks to Merlin Security+2.0: New Security+2.0 remote transmitters operate reliably under all environment conditions and from a greater distance than ever before. Thanks to the latest multi frequency technology the remote will operate even when there is interference from other wireless devices

– Quiet and Powerful Motor: PowerAce’s powerful and fast DC motor is quiet and built to last. It has the strength to open any size of door you have. You don’t have to question PowerAce, it is the perfect choice!

– Improved remote range

– Adaptive Technology: Automatic power adjustment and electronic mapping of the door means PowerAce adapts to the change in door spring and hinge operation that naturally occurs with varying weather conditions and age. This technology means less maintenance and trouble free, reliable operation for years to come as the opener adapts to the door every time it is activated.

– Safety Reversing System: Your safety and property protection is assured because the PowerAce has automatic safety reversing built in. If the garage door is obstructed while closing, it automatically stops and reverses, if obstructed while opening, it automatically stops

– Security+2.0:  Security+2.0 technology inside the remote is designed to communicate on multiple frequencies with the latest Security+2.0 encrypted rolling code. This enhanced radio technology will select the strongest frequency every time, virtually eliminating interference from other devices. It provides the highest level of security available by using a unique code every time the button is pressed.

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage 240V AC, 50Hz
Motor Voltage 24V DC with overload protection
Standby Power <1W
Max Peak Pulling Force 600N
Rated Door Area 13.5m^2
Max door Weight 70kg spring balanced
Noise 57dB at 1m
Travel speed 21 seconds