Motostar LINESTAR Slide Gate Motor

Motorstar LINESTAR

New operator for sliding gates up to 300kg specifically designed for residential use. The LINESTAR operator has been designed to provide the simplest, most cost effective solution for moving residential gates.


  • Up to gates of 6m and 300kg
  • In built control board – Conveniently housed under the motor cover, making installation quicker. The LINESTAR is fitted with a battery backup board and all terminals are colour coded for EASY INSTALLATION
  • LINESTAR logic control board – inputs/outputs for the full range of operational and security accessories are standard feautres. The motor has a power light on the front panel showing when power is out and/or when the battery backup is operational
  • Secure locking – as the motor and gearbox cannot be reversed, the installation of locking devices is unnecessary. The release mechanism is hidden behind a secure cover at the front of the motor. Hidden/enclosed limit switches behind front cover.
  • Low maintenance – LINESTAR is designed for a maintenance free service life. It offers maximum service life
  • 2yr warranty

Technical specifications:

Protection rating IP54
Power supply 230V AC
Motor power supply 24V DC
Current Draw 7A max
Power 170W
Manoeuvre Speed (m/min) 10.0
Cycles per hour 48/5 metre
Thrust 300N
Reduction ratio 1:50
Operating Temperature -20°C – +70°C
Max Gate Weight 300kg
Max Gate length 6.0m