Nice MoonTouch MOTXR Wireless Keypad

Nice MoonTouch Wireless Keypad

Wireless 12-key digital switch  radio-controlled.

MOTX-R and MOTX-S are dual channel transmitters that are activated only after having entered a suitable combination. The units are designed for installation in indoor or outdoor locations. The units use a transmission frequency of 433.92 MHz with Rolling Code technology that ensures the utmost security because the transmitted code is changed at each transmission session

MOTXR – radio coding digital switches with 52 bit FLOR rolling codes. Compatible with FloR and VeryVR transmitters, rolling code 4.5 million billion combinations, with self-learning function



  • 2 transmission channels to control 2 automation units
  • Simple installation and programming
  • Convenient – No wiring necessary; estimated range: 200m outdoors and 35m indoors
  • Extra low consumption, the transmission will activate when the user presses the key, and switch itself off automatically. The ambient brightness sensor only activates keypad lighting when necessary.
  • Die-cast aluminium casting; Vandal Proof – IP54

Technical Specifications:

  • Power supply: 6vdc with 2 CR2430 type lithium batteries
  • Battery life: estimated 2years, with an average number of 10 transmissions a day
  • Frequency: 433.92 MHz ±100KH
  • Radiated power: estimated at approx. 1mW
  • Radio coding: rolling code 52bit FloR
  • Working temperature (°C min/max): -20/+55
  • No. of figure combination: from 0 -8
  • Estimated range: 200m; 35m if inside buildings
  • Protection rating: 54
  • Dimensions: 75mm(l)x35mm(w)x85mm(h)
  • Weight: 150g