Nice Pop PP7024 Swing Gate Motor

Nice Pop (PP7024)

For swing gates with leaves up to 2m, and versions with large pillars and lightweight structures. Irreversible electromechanical 24 Vdc gear motor with articulated arm, surface mounted.  Designed for Intensive uses.

Features & Benefits

24 Vdc versions complete with limit switch on opening: With built-in control unit, compatible for operation with Solemyo system (PP024)

Resistant and compact: 167mm in width, ideal for any king of post. Small shockproof body with aluminium base.

Energy saving, respect for the environment, autonomy: 3 standby modes to reduce mains consumption, or battery power consumption if connected to the solemyo kit.

Powerful: thanks to the 250nm torque

No blackout: with the optional batteries (PS124) housed inside the gear motor

User friendly: release with personilised Nice key, designed for cord-type release.

Easy to install: no welding.

Built-in control unit.

Just 3 keys to facilitate programming:

– Deceleration on opening and closing

– Obstacle detection system, can be linked to the 8.2 Kohm resistive sensitive edge, fotoest

– Easy option of connecting additional pairs of photocells, foto2

– Automatic memorisation of limit switches on opening and closing with self-learning function

– Programming of pause time

– Pedestrian open and partial open