Nice Wingo WG5024 Swing Gate Motor


Wingo WG5024

For swing gates with leaves up to 3.5 m, surface mounted. 24 Vdc electro-mechanical gear motor.

Features & Benefits:

  • Compatible for operation with Solemyo system.
  • Patented layout of the internal components: fewer moving parts means greater reliability and quiet operation.
  • Easy to install: after the gear motor has been assembled, all electrical connections are made from above.
  • User-friendly release with personalised Nice key or standard lock (optional).Pre-assembled, travel stops PLA13 on opening
  • Uses the New Moonclever control unit MC424:
    • – Simple programming, by means of a single key
    • – Clutch with anti-crush safety feature automatic memorization of limit switches on opening and closing with self-learning function
    • – Deceleration on opening and closing with¬†obstacle detection system
    • – Can be linked to the 8.2KOhm resistive sensitive edge;
    • – Continues to work even during power failures using optional (PS124) batteries that fit inside the control unit.