SAMT Barlite Panel Garage Door

SAMT Barlite Panel Garage Door 

Designed and manufactured in Australia, our extensive range of custom aluminium designs have become increasingly popular with customers looking for something more contemporary. Moderns designs incorporating aluminium mesh, acrylic, polycarbonate and glass options combine security and style whilst filling your garage with light to cater for your individual wants and needs to suit any home! 

Ensuring to only use outstanding levels of craftsmanship and superior sealers to create a garage door that is guaranteed to be one of the most attractive and durable features of your home.


–            Welded aluminium frame with horizontal bars and acrylic backing

–            Frame size of 50 x 50 welded aluminium with 19mm horizontal                   bars

–            Options of Perforated Inserts or Vertical Bars instead of Solid                     Acrylic inserts

Colours and Inserts Available

Frame: Any powder coated colour (anodising not available)

Acrylic: Opal, clear, Ice or Grey