SAMT SGD 1100LG Sectional Door Motor

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Our SAMT Sectional Door Opener sets new standards for sectional door openers, offering outstanding power and efficiency, as well as unrivalled safety and technology. Feature-packed in standard configuration and available with a host of innovative options, a sectional door system is not the best it can be without our SAMT SGD 1100LG Sectional Door Opener.


– Digital display and easy programming

– Soft start and stop, power, noiseless: gently accelerates the door during closing is especially useful when replacing openers on older garage doors where jams or door “booming” can often occur due to age-related loss of spring tension and/or friction of the door’s tracks

– Timely resistance detection by computer and precision travel positioning.

– Clutch with self-lock function

– Rolling code technology makes your door more secure by eliminating possible code interception and/or duplication

– UPS joint can connect reserve power once the power fails

– Automatic courtesy light, door unclosed alarm and automatic closing door function

– 2000 operation cycles maintain alarm


Technical Specifications:

– Voltage range: 220-240V

– Rated Power: 150W

– Maximum Driving Force: 1100N

– Maximum Speed: 110mm/s

– Drive: Enclosed Chain or belt driven