SAMT SLG700 DC Slide Gate Motor

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SAMT SLG700 DC Slide Gate Motor

Features & Benefits

– Timely resistance detection, automatic reverse when obstacles are met

– Remote control with rolling code technology

– Powerful DC motor with low noise & overheat protection

– Emergency release provides manual operation in case of power failure

– Safety further ensure with optional accessories i.e. photocells and/or flashing lights

-A variety of options available to be added: Up to 2 sets of photocells, backup batteries, flashing lights and solar kits

Accessories Available with DC version:

  • Photocells (optional)
  • Flashing light (optional)
  • Backup Battery (optional)
  • Solar Power Kit (Optional)

Technical Specifications:

Rated voltage 230V AC 50/60Hz
Motor rated voltage 24Vdc
Input power 100W
Ambient temperature range -20°C /+50°C
Max. gate weight 700kg
Max gate width 6.0m
Protection Rating IP 54
Max. travel limit 700 mm
Moving speed 15 m/min
Motor rotation speed 3000rpm