SAMT Universal Receiver for Garage or Gates

This is a High Quality Remote Receiver which can be used on your existing automatic gate or garage motor. With its Rolling Code Security, you can be rest assured that your garage and/or gate will be secure. 


  • 12-24V AC-DC Operation with Polarity Protection
  • Rolling Code Technology (4 billion possible codes)
  • Weather Proof Seal for Outdoor/Indoor Use
  • Water Resistant IP23 Plastic Housing
  • A-Grade Printed Circuit Board (25% Thicker reinforced circuit board)
  • Superior performance antenna up to 180 metres (direct line of sight)
  • Can store up to 400 remotes
  • 2 Individual Channels
  • Built in DC Motor Polarity Control
Kit includes:

  • 1 x Receiver
  • 2 x Remotes