ATA BnD MegaCode® TrioCode™ Receiver

ATA BnD MegaCode® TrioCode™ Receiver

ATA BnD MegaCode® TrioCode™ Receiver

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ATA MegaCode Receiver to suit  ATA PTX-5 with TrioCode 128 bit and B&D Tri-Tran+™ Transmitters .

Capable of operating four separate devices, the TrioCode™ MegaCode® Receiver uses a menu driven control system with LCD display to make management of up to 511 transmitters and various operating inputs


Incorporated into the MegaCode® receiver is a simple to use console which consists of several buttons and a display. With the addition of the console, facilities which were only available on previous receivers using an additional hand held programmer are now available as standard via a simple menu system. Features include editing transmitter storage and names, setting various parameters, and performing system diagnostics.

Multiple Modes Of Control
The solid state relay outputs of the MegaCode® receiver can be controlled by remote control transmitters, wired inputs and a programmable time clock. Each output can be configured to be a steady state or flashing output

Programmable Time Clock

The Time Clock can be used to override transmitter and trigger input control at various times of day on a weekly basis. An output can be forced on, forced off or released for transmitter or trigger input control. The Time Clock has 32 programs which select the output to be controlled and the time and days of the week it is to be activated.

Transmitter Management Flexibility
Whenever a large number of transmitters are used, managing those transmitter effectively is of great importance. The MegaCode® receiver provides many features which enhance transmitter management. Transmitters can be listed by store location, group number, serial number or I.D label. Tools are available which allow transmitters to be Replaced, Deleted and Edited. A quick transmitter code set feature is provided which allows the button functions of an existing transmitter to be copied to all transmitters to be coded. This feature allows many transmitters to be coded without the need for the installer to touch any console buttons during the coding process.

Security Code Store

The MegaCode® Receiver uses state of the art technology in storing your selected transmitter security codes. Up to 511 different transmitters can be stored in the memory with the facilities to assign an 11 character ID label to each transmitter.

TrioCode™ Code Hopping Technology
Every time a TrioCode™ transmitter is used, a new security code is randomly generated from over 4.29 billion possibilities. This greatly enhances the security of the system and makes “code grabbing” a thing of the past.These transmitters also overcome interference issues by simultaneously sending a signal over three slightly different frequencies. Even if two of the three signals are jammed, the system will still work.