CAME Wireless Keypad SELT1W4G

CAME Wireless Keypad SELT1W4G

CAME Wireless Keypad SELT1W4G

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CAME Wireless Keypad SELT1W4G

Came’s digital switches are the operator’s local command devices that work through a personal numeric code. They are safe and easy to use, thanks to their technology which uses control logic that is external to the keypad. They are made of steel and are a guarantee of reliability and durability while at the same time allowing you to do away with the traditional keys. 

Removes the need for cabling to keypads. The CAME wireless keypad mimics a remote control to send signals to the control panel.

The new range CAME surface-mounted wireless keypad selector incorporates a new eye-catching design and advanced technology including blue backlight and a coloured cover in RAL7024 Gray.


  • 12-key radio keypad selector
  • 25 savable codes and password to access the programming mode
  • Settable in Rolling Code or Fixed Code mode
  • User combination figures: 2-8
  • Figures installer password: 3-8
  • Number of combinations: 111,111,100


Model SELT1W4G
Power Supply 3V (one CR123A battery for a minimum of 1600mAh)
Maximum Consumption 144mW
Frequency 433.92MHz
Range 0.5m~80m (open field)
Operating Temperature  -20°C~55°C
Protection Rating IP54
Dimensions 70.5mm x 73.5mm