Centsys Solar Power Panel Battery Kit

Centsys Solar Power Panel Battery Kit

Centsys Solar Power Panel Battery Kit

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Centsys  Solar Power Panel Kit for Slide Swing Gate Motor Opener

Compatible with Centsys Gate Motors

Cost-effective alternative energy solutions for a variety applications

Our range of solar panels are constructed from ultra-efficient polycrystalline and have been designed to provide a reliable and cost-effective alternative energy solution for applications where mains power is either not available, or not desirable. Main features
  • Smart Clever engineering makes for minimal power losses during prolonged periods in shade
  • Durable Fully weather-resistant – durable white tempered glass, EVA resin and weather-resistant film enclosed in anodised aluminium frame


  • Installable anywhere - Without the need for connections or excavations, even in the most remote locations or those difficult to access with the power mains.
  • Increased savings and respect for the environment thanks to solar energy, free and clean: an ecological and intelligent choice with short term benefits.
  • Low consumption with no risk of blackouts extended duration of energy reserve, combined with low consumption of automations, guarantee operation also in prolonged overcast conditions.
  • Low consumption with operating autonomy! - Perfect operation ensured even at night time or in prolonged overcast conditions, guaranteeing comfort and safety.
Technical Specifications:
  • Maximum Power: 40W
  • Tolerance: +/- 3%
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 22.2V
  • Short Circuit Current: 2.37A
  • Maximum Power Voltage: 18.2V
  • Maximum Power Current: 2.2A
  • Module Efficiency: 12.84%
  • Solar Cell Efficiency: 17.3%
  • Series Fuse Rating: 15A
  • Terminal Box: IP65
  • Maximum System Voltage: 1000V DC
  • Operating Temperature:
  • Dimensions: 465 x 670 x 25 (mm)
  • Weight: 4kg

Kit includes:

  • 1 x 40W Solar Panel
  • 1 x Solar Regulator
  • 1 x Solar Panel Bracket
  • 1 x  33Ah Battery
  • 1 x Battery Enclosure IP65