NICE Loop Detector (LP2 2 Channel)

NICE Loop Detector (LP2 2 Channel)

NICE Loop Detector (LP2 2 Channel)

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Nice Loop Detector

LP2 series Traffic Detectors are electronic sensors for inductive recording of metallic objects. Vehicles, and depending on the device also their model and the direction of movement, can be detected via up to two induction loops. Traffic detectors are operated in combination with a wide variety of induction loops and control systems, such as frequency converters and PLC control systems. Areas of application may be facilities in the traffic engineering, door and barrier control, or parking and tunnel surveillance sectors. The LP2 Traffic Detector is intended for installation in a control cabinet or a housing similar to a control cabinet.


- 2 loop channels (LP2)
- 2 potential-free relay outputs
- 1 connection for power supply (24 volt AC/DC)
- 1 USB interface for diagnostics and expanded configuration
- 8-pole DIP switch, and 4-pole DIP switch (LP2) for configuration
- LEDs to indicate detector and loop status
- Compact plastic housing for mounting on DIN rail in controller cabinet
- Galvanic isolation between loops and electronics
- Automatic adjustment of the system after activation
- Continuous readjustment of frequency drifts to suppress environmental influences
- Sensitivity independent of loop inductivity
- Fixed signal hold times independent of the coverage rate of the loops
- Direction detection with two loop channels (LP2)
- Multiplexing prevents mutual interference between loop channels (LP2)

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions 79 x 22.5 x 90 mm (H x W x L Without Plug)
Protection Type IP40
Power Supply 24 V ~ / ±10 % max.1.5 W
Operation Temperature -20°C to +70°C
Air Humidity max 95% With No Condensation
Loop Inductivity 25-800 ?H, Recommended 100-300 uH
Frequency Range 30-130 kHz In 2 Steps
Sensitivity From 0.01% to 0.64% (?f/f) in 4 Levels - From 0.02% to 1.3% (?L/L)
Delay 5 min Or Uninterrupted
Electric Power Line of The Loop Max. 250 m
Loop Resistance Max. 20 Ohm (Including Power Line)
Relay 250 mA / 24 V / (Min.1 mA/5 V)
Energise Delay Normally 100 ms
Signal Duration > 200 ms
De-Energise Delay Normally 50 ms
Connection Screw Terminals (Power Supply, Relay) – Snap-On Terminal Clamps (Loops Connection)