Nice Tag System TTX4

Nice Tag System TTX4

Nice Tag System TTX4

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Ideal for restorations and upgrades of existing systems.
The Tag system, disappearing inside standard wall mounted plates and suitable to confined spaces, are ideal for restorations and upgrades of existing systems to control home automations, lighting points and all loads up to 500 W not directly accessible from cable controls. All without the need to replace the existing system or involve building work!

TTX4: recessed transmitter with mains power supply. Ideal for the control of automations not directly accessible from cable controls.

Invisible, but highly effective
Since miniaturised control units are incorporated invisibly into ordinary wall plates, they allow quick and easy installation and unbeatable safe, precise connection with all system components. Extremely compact size.

Perfect for every home
Ideal in renovation projects and when upgrading existing systems to control home automations, all with no need to replace the existing system or do any building works! What could be more discreet? It’s Nice!

Comfort and simplicity always
Tag system coupled to the transmitter range. With just a simple touch, NiceWay module allows the wireless control of awnings and shutters, automation, irrigation and lighting systems and all loads up to 1,000W/500 VA not accessible by cable and, what’s more, offers the option of wire connecting the miniaturized control unit to the existing wall switch in order to get an additional control point.

Recessed transmitter ideal for the control
of automations not directly accessible from cable controls. 433.92 MHz frequency, with 52 bit rolling code (over 4.5 million of billion combinations).