ATA GDO-6v4 EASYROLLER GEN2 Roller Door Motor

ATA GDO-6v4 EASYROLLER GEN2 Roller Door Motor

ATA GDO-6v4 EASYROLLER GEN2 Roller Door Motor

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The EASYROLLER is the simple solution to garage roller door automation with its slim design and proven performance and reliability.


Slim Fit – As little as 40mm between the door curtain and the inside of the door bracket is needed for installation.

Soft Start/Soft Stop – Speed ramping throughout each cycle reduces stress on the opener, gate and mounting hardware.

Intelligent Safety System (ISS) – self-adjusting when opening and closing or if blocked i.e. should the gate hit an obstacle during its cycle, it will automatically reverse or stop preventing damages or injuries.

Door Profiling for Increased Safety – The force needed to safely move the door throughout each cycle is continually re-profiled. By only using the appropriate amount of force, the GDO-6 EASYROLLER® can more quickly sense, and react to, obstructions in the door’s path.

ALPS (Automatic Limits Positioning System) – Advanced electro-optical systems simpli?es setup, as well as maintaining millimetre perfect limits as the door ages.

TrioCode™ Multi-Frequency Coding Technology – A  world leading transmitter system, TriCode™ frequency coding technology overcomes the all too common interference issues while maintaining security through over 4.29 billion random code possibilities

Auto courtesy light – The courtesy light comes on automatically for three minutes whenever the door is activated. The light can also be operated independently of the door by coding a dedicated button on a transmitter.

Optional Accessories include:

Battery Backup

SmartSolar™ Kit

Safety Beams

Smart Phone Control Kit